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anti ageing cream After Laser, peeling treatment use for healing care
no fragrance no chemical
Suitable sensitive skin soft texture
reduce wrinkles Use as light massage on whole face
Skin Lifting effect Repair and rejuvenate skin, Refine and give skin smooth
Cream Mask Deep Moisture to dry skin
High Moisture Non sticky cream as neck, face, hand and leg care
Whitening Effect Reduce freckles and pigmentations
Reduce Dryness Can be use as body care especially for sun burn skin
Night Cream Nutrition with pioneer Anti-Oxidant Resveratol, Puerarin and Genistein

Purchase natucos resvera moisture cream 50gm

FREE 3Step Super EFG Skin Revital ampoule 6.25ml (worth RM236)


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Please refer to 3Step Skin Revital ampoules information link

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