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 3STEP Ruby GF Peeling Ampoule CONCEPT

3STEP Ruby GF Peeling Ampoule is an ergonomic solution that prescribed accurate Natural Ruby spicules, Super Growth Factor, Phyto-polyphenols herbal extracts and natural preservative.

3STEP Ruby GF Peeling Ampoule has dual actions: peeling and rejuvenating (without redness and pain)

3STEP Ruby GF Peeling Ampoule has good effects for whitening, improving skin texture and helps to raise quality of life with no down time.


 1.   Natural Ruby Spicules(White sapphire) is the strongest germ next to diamond. Mohs’ scale of hardness for          Natural Ruby Spicules(white sapphire) is 9  à Please refer to table 1.

2.  Natural Ruby Spicules (white sapphire) is one of corundum.
    If its color is red it is called a Ruby and if blue it is called a Sapphire.
3.  3STEP Ruby GF Peeling Ampoule contains Natural Ruby Spicules of high degree of purity.                             
    The higher the purity of them is white. On the other hand, the lower purity of them, black or gray.
4.  3STEP Ruby GF Peeling Ampoule has Natural Ruby Spicules cut by European company.

3STEP Ruby GF Peeling Ampoule has hexagonal shape of the particles. While rolling and pushing spicules into        the skin you can get dual effects : One is opening skin channel and the other is peeling horny layer and the top of epidermis.



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