Natucos Phytrogen BB Cream 50gm



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 Natucos Phytrogen BB Cream (SPF25 PA++)

    • Phyto polyphenol and Resveratrol, Genistein,
    • and Natural anthocyanin
    • For All Skin Type
    • 50gm


Natucos Phytogen BB contains Resveratrol, Genistein, Skin growth factor, Natural anthocyanin for Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-oxidant effects.


Natucos advanced technology and active ingredients increase Keratinocyte growth, Healthy cytokine (hGM-CFS) production, Keratin expression and this serum activates Extracellular matrix synthesis such as Collagen I, Collagen , Collagen , Collagen , Elastin, Fibronectin and Laminin5.


And Natucos is proud that it does not include Chemical preservative, Alcohol, Chemical color, Fragrance, Petroleum ingredients. Phytonia believes these studies and true heart help to recover Healthy skin ecosystem


Mainly is suitable for the hospital dermatology department or the skin administrative center use. This product mainly was to help the skin protection from environmental factor which might caused the sensitive skin stabilizing. It also helped the inflamed skin to lessen the swollen area. To protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet ray violation. Natucos BB Cream’s UV block ingredients are titanium oxide-2 and Zins oxide.



The product use is the pure natural make-up effect

Intense guarantees the wet function

Strong moisturizing capture in skin

Protects the sensitive skin, causes stabilizing

Prevention pore blocking / clog

Prevents the ultraviolet ray invasion  

To protect the skin from harmful Air Pollution                            

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