Natucos Bust Firming



Natucos Bust Firming Treatment
Natucos Bust Firming Treatment

Contain Phytogen (Phyto Estrogen Complex) 30% effective ingredients on caring women’s sexy bust shape and healthy bust condition.  Anti-wrinkle, whitening, anti oxidant effect and moisturizing.


 Is it possible to bust up woman’s breast not by plastic surgery but by topical application of Products?


Is it possible to bust up woman’s breast not by plastic surgery but by topical

application of products?

The receptor for estrogen is abundantly positioned in woman’s breast. The estrogen produced from the reproduction organ during puberty period

promotes a development of breast organ and mammary gland by binding its specific receptor, and it also allows lactation after birth.

The estrogen, the representative female hormone, is actively produced during the puberty period and then gradually decreased of its production after

35 years old. Finally, it is not produced any more since woman has entered into menopause period.

According to many scientific researches, the amount of the hormone for woman such as estrogen is highly correlated with the woman’s aging.

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is widely used for woman as a treatment to delay her menopause period, while retaining youthfulness for a

number of years, and it is said that HRT is helpful to overcome menopause disorders such as depression, anxiety, pain, osteoporosis and hot fresh.

                                               It is reported 10 to 30% of women who entered into the menopause period

                                               in advanced countries, specially Europe, experienced to take HRT, but in

                                               Korea just 1% or 2% of women were taken HRT mainly due to the lack of

                                               both HRT information and its importance as well (Ref : Korea Menopause

                                               Society 1997). It is not widely accepted that women can delay  their aging for

                                               a number of years by HRT because they doubted that there could occur side

                                               effects in HRT. However, the more realistic example may be found in a case

                                               of a transgender who changed sexual identity for woman by continuous HRT.

                                               Therefore, the female hormone such as estrogen is an essential material for

                                               characterizing woman’s look.

                                               In Korea, many people acknowledge that plastic surgery may be appropriate

                                               way to refigure their breast, but the size of woman’s breast is dependent on

                                               various environment both externally and internally in accordance with many

reliable science researches. It is publicly reported that  various synthesized pseudo-hormones can cause the appearance of the secondary sexual

characters that normally happen to the puberty period but not in animals and children. This signifies that we can regulate a breast size throughout

a supply of female hormones with a proper amount either externally or topically.

However, most of female hormones currently used are synthesized and sold by very expensive price as a prescription medicine. The synthesized

hormones may cause many side effects because these produced metabolites can not be easily degraded in a body.  In some cases, the metabolites

have been accumulated in a body and then cause gradual damages at the end. The dioxin produced from the burning plastic is proved a main

material for that.    


 As estrogen effects have been known, many scientists have searched plants not only  having estrogen effect but also being safer from side effects than the

synthesized compounds, and then they realized  that many plants such as soy, black cohosh and etc contain phyto-estrogen compounds.

This phyto-estrogen is  easily degraded so that  it is not accumulated in a body. Thus, it is proved to be very safe material in spite of a long term usage

of it, and we can easily meet the phyto-estrogen compounds in a food made in soy and in herbal medicine such as polygonum and wild yam etc.

It is known that natural pseudo-hormones have been widely used for women as a popular remedy world wide. These hormones have estrogenic effect

with little side effects. Therefore, many pharmaceutical companies consider the pseudo-estrogen derived from plant as an active ingredient for


Topical application is safer than neutraceutical application because we can not find any kind of unwanted action of estrogen throughout unwanted

metabolic system. For breast health and busting up, topical application is the best and the most effective delivery route.



Required Conditions for Breast Up

When estrogen binds to its specific receptor in a breast, it promotes cell differentiation, tissue growth, and it highly required various supplement

materials for cell growth in a breast. Therefore, there is a need for sufficient supplement supplied from both internal and external resources. This

signifies an importance of topical nutrition development. Either externally or topically applied nutrients for breast such as estrogen  derived from plant

are delivered into the interior cell surface and then promote cell growth in a breast throughout cell differentiation with a cascade signal induced from

binding its specific receptor. The first requirement to satisfy higher level of collagen production and that of elastin production which have critical effects

on breast elasticity is a sufficient supply for vitamin C, the hydroxyl group donor to lysine and praline. Other required supplements are various amino

acids derived from collagen produced by protease action. This proteolysed oligo peptides can be used re-synthesis of collagen with a very higher

efficiency in terms of saving time and energy.

In production of collagen and that of elastin, many oxidized metabolites are occurred and they can cause Cellular damages. Therefore, antioxidants are

highly required for cellular defense. 



The active ingredients of the essence for breast bust up ;



The most popular antioxidants are vitamin E and C. Vitamin E increases cell membrane mobility and protects it by removing  oxidant compounds in


membrane. This can lengthen cellular life span. Vitamin C removes compounds Produced from aqueous  fluid and also reduces oxidized vitamin E to


rehabilitate its anti-oxidation function. 


The major factors for breast size are mammary gland, number of  adiposity cells and size of adiposity cells. The lipid synthesis inducing compounds are


also effective for enlarging breast. The NADPH highly contained in baker’s yeast is the most representative compound for that function. Also, to


improve immune system for healthy breast, some nutrients are also required. Among them,  glucan is well known as a natural immune system enhancer.


Moreover, the most important is to maintain breast health by use of cosmetics containing chemoprevention materials that are very helpful for breast






The strategies for product development based on both sufficient consideration of the above factors and ensuring of safety and efficacy.


           Æ Promotion of cell differentiation : Estrogen Effect, Biosynthesis of collagen and elastin


           Æ Promotion of adiposity differentiation and accumulation


           Æ Supply core ingredients for protein synthesis : amino acid and mineral


           Æ Antioxidation and Cell Protection


           Æ Enhancement of Immune System


           Æ Chemoprevention



The essential ingredients for breast bust up ; the active ingredients are carefully selected based on effectiveness for the regulation of breast size, and


physiological safety. The four kinds of active ingredients are for the size regulation, and the two kinds for the safety consideration. The most suitable


concentrations are considered for the best efficacy. 



 Competitive Analysis

Most of products in the current market don’t have any trustworthy description of ingredients, information of developer and their origin of country as

well. It makes general customer’s misunderstanding about the products. The efficacy of the product is not certain, and thus many people doubt seriously

about credibility of the products. Furthermore, some products have only single active ingredient, but it has been known that the efficacy is very little

when the product is made in a single active ingredient.

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