Natucos DTS Mesotherapy


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Mesotherapy Package
Mesotherapy Package
Natucos DTS Mesotherapy Course


Your skin will be satisfied

From the cell regeneration

and anti-aging with newly introduced




Collagen-induced system, a new concept

In general, the active ingredients epidermis (stratum corneum) and the possibility of penetration is approximately 0.3%, due to the nature of Resveratol, the same cell penetration levels of these active ingredients does not always come to expect. Polyphenol efforts to improve it at the end of the DTS Roller ™ has been developed. Using disk-based needle roller to form a passage penetrating epidermal cells and dermal penetration increases dramatically the concept of a transdermal drug delivery systems were built.

Moreover, DTS Roller ™ Needle ring induced by natural production of collagen, the skin cells by maximizing resilience to reduce wrinkles and discolorations and improve skin tone and firm the nature of dermal wounds promotes healing. DTS ™ to stimulate the flow of natural collagen, laser surgery and resurfacing just as you would do to restore aging skin, and an 8% increase in skin thickness, and the side effects that very little for the next generation is the ideal solution to anti-aging skin care can be.



 Mechanism of action


Micro-needle to penetrate the skin's epidermal and dermal. Fine needle into the skin to form a pathway. In this way more easily penetrate the skin care products actually have a path boosts the effectiveness of the product. These treatment is done in less than an hour.


Natural collagen-induced [NCI]



Access thousands of microscopic cells, penetrate the skin and encourage healing in the dermis and the basal layer to accelerate the natural collagen-induced.




Transdermal drug delivery systems [TDDS]



Due to the needle to penetrate the stratum corneum dermal absorption of active ingredients Resveratol and HEGF  in the path is created. DTS Roller ™with active ingredients penetrate the skin of the main interfering mulin deep dermis to form a pathway. Skin care products with active ingredients of this product topically dopohal simply better when you can reach deep into the skin.





Medical Needles ring laser surgery for a disk or at least less-invasive procedure that you want the risk to patients as an alternative to laser resurfacing may be used. The costly and highly invasive traditional surgery procedures and chemical peels, or laser resurfacing is often accompanied by: These procedures are inconsistent or disappointing results if you have.

A safe alternative to medical treatment disk nideulring the following conditions to reduce or improve. DTS RollerTM the active ingredients penetrate deep in the dermis of the skin which are the main interference in less than 5 minutes to create the passage of more than 500,000. Skin care products containing the active ingredient in this product, simply more effective when topically dopohal can reach deep into the skin.Unlike other dermabrasion disc surgery nideulring without removing healthy dermal epidermal damage is minimized. Does not damage the epidermal, healing time is faster. Natural collagen synthesis to occur the more collagen can be made.





DTS Roller

Other Rollers


Number of needle

540 (60x9 disks)

192 (24x8 clumn)

Times three 
10minutes Thank CAN make half m

lion in microchannels.

Thickness of needle



1 / 3 less

Material of needle

SUS 304H Sheet type

SUS 304H Wire type

Same material but different concept of manufacturing

Type of needle

0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm

0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm



Shape of needle

Disk needle

Wire needle

1D-> 2D concept

DROP out needle 
During Treatment


Sometimes happen

Very different




Very different

Erythema, redness

Short (1 / 2 ~ 1days)

Long (1 ~ 2Days)

Less down-time

Chemical bond













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