Natucos Special Tone Up Mask (Wol Hwa)



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* What is most important in mask, sheet is first priority consideration. The 2nd is its containing
ingredient. “Sheet is essential medium to deliver and penetrate useful ingredient into our skin
* Bio cellulose is made from cultivation of Aceto bactor (It is growing by eating coconut juice)
*High functional ingredient contains for anti-wrinkle and
whitening, hydration, acne care for blemish skin
* Excellent adhesion
Due to fiber diameter is only 1/500 of the general pulp,
this adhesion power enable to absorb and penetrate
useful ingredient into inner skin to the deepest level
* Bio cellulose contains 99% of water into itself and not
easily dried even use for 24hours.
* Skin safety (very natural so, we can eat this bio cellulose for dietary supplement (fat
* Supplying moist and nutrient immediately for its bio technological cellulose medium.
* Remove impurity and fat from your skin for medical use, used for dressing bandage (the


wound who suffering from hot burn, absorb heat and hurt)
  1. Brightening
  2. Cooling effect
  3. Hydrating Excellence
  4. Pore thighten
  5. Natural Eco Material
  6. SOD Activation
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