Skin Care Range


One Stop Skin Rejuvenation for Anti Aging


Medical Innovation

-Medical science is making tremendous advancements in our understanding of the skin and its   functions

-Stimulate the proliferation of the micro vascular system and collagen production

-Improve skin’s supply of oxygen and nutrients

-Improve waste removal


What is Aging Skin?

-Intrinsic Aging Process

-Extrinsic Aging Process


Intrinsic Aging

-Aging through passage of time (chronological aging)

-Skin degenerate with age

-Normal biological process

-Nothing can prevent intrinsic aging


External Factors Causing Extrinsic Aging

Contribute to the excessive production of free radicals that speed up skin aging

UV Light (Photo Aging)







What is free radicals?

-Free radicals = a radical that carries on unpaired electron; such radicals are extremely reactive, with a very short half-life.

-Cell damage due to oxidation

-Some oxygen molecules used for metabolism turn into an unstable form of oxygen called free radicals

-Free radicals aggressively attack and destroy molecules

-We need oxygen to survive, but oxygen radicals slowly kill us


Aging Process

Time & free radicals


Over time, free radicals cause your skin to sage and more wrinkles appear. What can you do to slow down this process?


Skin Care with Core Technology

1.Phyto-Estrogen Essence

2.Resveratrol Essence : Phytonia Resveratrol Ampule, TOAS, TACS.

3.Bio-Flavonoid Essence : No Chemical Preservative, No Alchol, No Chemical surfactant…

4.Nano Liposome, Phyto Ingredients Essencial Blending & Stabilization



Skin care with Core Technology

1.Nano and Micro Multi-Lipsome

2.Vita-Saver, Poluphenol Saver

3.5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor Micro serum coating Formula

Vita C-Saver, Polyphenol Saver, Micro Serum Coating





Reductase Inbitor



What is “Resveratrol” ???

-Highly valued as a Diamond of plants, Queen of Phyto Edtrogen.

-Poluphenol : The minimum quantity contained in grape, Walnut, Peanut and other Herbs.

-Resveratrol is powerful in Anti oxidation for attacking free radicals.

-Life Prolonging Ingredients reported in ‘Nature’ Science Journal in 2003

Dr.Sinclair and his research team in medical department of Harvard University announced   “resveratrol provides excellent anti cancer, anti aging, cell regeneration…”

Doctor David Sinclair               “ 21st 不老长生物质